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Ross was hesitant, but eventually gave the shoe back to much applause.Similarly, at a gig at the Edinburgh Playhouse during Noble's 2005 Randomist tour, a member of the audience put his feet up on the stage, and later removed his shoes and put them on the stage instead.He had a brief stint as a street juggler with a friend, and aspired to join a circus.

Upon reading one book, he found a photo of Mike Yarwood on one page, which he cut out and wore as a mask for a portion of the interview.In a poll for Channel 4, Noble was voted the 10th on a list of the 100 Greatest Stand Ups.Noble's stand-up routine is a largely improvised and surreal performance with a stream of consciousness delivery.Also, in his Edinburgh gig, some one kindly gave him a basket of mini-muffins with faces printed on them; this is related to a sketch from Noble's DVD 'Sonic Waffle', in which he mentions his hobby of finding faces in muffins.After finding that several people recorded his finale skit, "The falling owl stunt", Noble encouraged the entire audience to record the stunt simultaneously and post them on You Tube, in an attempt to achieve, "The largest number of videos showing exactly the same thing.".

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