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The Context3D class provides a context for rendering geometrically defined graphics.A rendering context includes a drawing surface and its associated resources and state.When possible, the rendering context uses the hardware graphics processing unit (GPU). (If rendering through Context3D is not supported on a platform, the property of the Stage object contains an empty list.) The Context3D rendering context is a programmable pipeline that is very similar to Open GL ES 2, but is abstracted so that it is compatible with a range of hardware and GPU interfaces.Although designed for 3D graphics, the rendering pipeline does not mandate that the rendering is three dimensional.Note that this feature is not currently available on mobile platforms and an Argument Error (Texture Format Mismatch) will be thrown instead. — The MIP map level that must be loaded before the image is rendered.To use runtime texture compression, perform the following steps: 1. Texture streaming offers the ability to load and display the smallest mip levels first, progressively displaying higher quality images as the textures are loaded.After creating a Cube Texture object, upload the texture bitmap data using the Cube Texture — The texel format, of the Context3DTexture Format enumerated list.

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View the examples Context3DBlend Factor Context3DClear Mask Context3DCompare Mode Context3DProgram Type Context3DRender Mode Context3DStencil Action Context3DTexture Format Context3DTriangle Face Context3DVertex Buffer Formatflash.display3D.textures. The inital value is the system limit in the platform.

indicates that the size of the back buffer should increase in proportion to the increase in the browser zoom factor.

The setting of this value is persistent across multiple browser zooms.

Thus, you can create a 2D renderer by supplying the appropriate vertex and pixel fragment programs.

In both the 3D and 2D cases, the only geometric primitive supported is the triangle.

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