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By waving a wand they can summon random plants to sprout up.The plants are then cared for by monsters the protagonist domesticates.Finding the being cute, Sonja names it Ymir, who then permits the two to ride on him as he walks about the ocean.

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The Golem can travel anywhere in the ocean, but most of the sea is featureless water.

After introducing themselves to the townspeople the pair move into the innkeeper's guest house.

When they awake the next day they find that the seed Sonja had planted the previous day had grown into a massive earthen Golem.

Through all of this, the player may either control Aden or, after her body is recovered, Sonja, in addition to Ymir, who battles the larger enemies to be had in the game and raises upward of thirty lands - some of which may be farmed in lieu of a traditional field.

Combat is once again conducted in real-time, though rhythm will factor as a larger part of success.

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