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7, 1914 ``Chicago Daily Tribune)-Long Cartoon (Don Martin on Tarzan)-Long Jungle comics covers-Long The Chicago Muckers Windy City ERB Fans (ad for Web site)-Long The Chicago Muckers (listing of Muckers meetings) -Mike Conran ``Greg Paints Another Horse..African animals-Greg Phillips The White Paper Club of Chicago (program from Jan.28, 1919, dinner honoring California-bound ERB)-Jerry Spannraft ``Jodades (Caroline Munro photo and press materials from `At the Earths Core movie)-Ken Manson ``ERBane Comments: `Films in Review column about `Tarzan and the Golden Lion movie; two foreign posters of `Jungle Jim movies with Johnny Weissmuller listed as Tarzan -Dave Gorecki ``The ERB Scrapbook of Ray Le Beau: (articles about Ron Ely television show)-Ray Le Beau Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship gathering (June 5-8, 2008, in Groton, Conn.) -Bill Ross ``The Cry of the Red Hawk (Photos of Muckers gathering)-Jim Hadac Errata (On Muckers meetings)-Mike Conran Where assembled: Oak Park, Pleasant Home Front cover: Original drawing, commissioned by Jim Hadac, by Greg Phillips of the coming of the O-220 Back cover: Two photos from the Dum-Dum 2008 in Waterloo, Iowa, of Brad Vinson receiving an Honorary Mucker Award Number of pages: 67 List of contents: Joint meeting of the National Capital Panthans and the Chicago Muckers at Waterloo, The Panthan Newsletter No.141-142-J. Huckenpohler and Bill Ross, editors 11th Annual Virginia Vintage Comics & Collectibles Show Flyer (with ERB related art)-Huckenpohler Tarzan and Jane art-provided by Huckenpohler ``Bound and Gagged cartoon by Dana Summers, Aug.James Thompson Johnny Weissmuller (autographed newspaper clipping)-Thompson Britannica Blog by Robert Mc Henry -Mars and Edgar Rice Burroughs-Thompson ``Los Angeles Cityz (Web site)-Tarzan (movies) at the Aero Theater-Thompson Exploitation-``At the Earths Core (promotions for movie)-Thompson ``Where Gather the Apes of Kerchak, or Beer and Loathing on the Dum-Dum Trail (2008 Dum-Dum account)-David Critchfield Gasoline Alley cartoon by Jim Scancarelli, Oct.12, 2008 (on Nazrat of the Jungle)-Bledig ``Beyond 30 Degrees West-Dum-Dum 2008, Waterloo, Iowa-Laurence Dunn George T. 25 2008-University of Louisville-Mike Conran Muckers at Dum-Dum 2008-Bill Ross ``From the ERB Scrapbook of Ray Le Beau: The Second Annual Normal Beans Dinner; ``Johnny Weissmuller Dead at 79, The Sunday Herald, Jan.142 Number of pages: 61 List of contents: ``And Now for Something Really Different (All 120 Crayon Names, Color Codes and Fun Facts, with pages of `Tarzan and Jane coloring book)-Joan Bledig Article, ``Patrick Rowley: Tarzan Yell May Hold Lesson for Todays Kids (from Wichita Eagle) and KTM R 125 Tarzan(motorbike produced in Upper Austria starting in 1957)-Dr.James Thompson ``Beyond 30 Degrees West: End of the Line (about Wayne James and Danton Burroughs deaths)-Laurence Dunn ``The Mucker of Mars(illustration of `Mc Clurg book)-Jeff Long True cases from Chicagos 28th Precinct Police Station (1913 to 16 in Billy Byrnes neighborhood)-Long ``Akur searches for reading material while in London (Ape demands Tarzan book in `From Beyond the Unknown comic cover)-Long ``Muckers Rule West Side: Billy Byrne Sought in Saloon Keeper Slaying (Aug.

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Franke II ``Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan novels and Tarzana suburb both reflected `white flight mentality, researcher said (press release by California Institute of Technology on a chapter of an assistant professor of literatures forthcoming book)-Bill Ross ``The ERB Scrapbooks of Ray Le Beau: Tarzan Special Cocktail, September 2003 issue of `Village Yesteryears by the Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest promoting visit by Denny Miller; `Dear Answer Man column with questions about Johnny Weissmuller and Denny Miller; cartoons about Tarzan; and ads promoting Tarzan movies on television and one (male porn-``Tarzan the Fearless) at movie house- Ray Le Beau ``Jerrys Jungle Janes by Thomas Yeates-Jerry Spannraft ``Korak versus All da Mayors Men (adaptations of Russ Manning Tarzan comic pages with Muckers twist)-Jeff ``Elmo Long ``Diana of the Jungle, Tarzan the Terrible original art-Ellen Vartanoff ``Beyond 30 Degrees West: Dum-Dum, Miamisburg, Ohio-Laurence Dunn ``Proper Barsoomian Harness and Trappings (original art)-Greg Phillips ``A Panthan in the Land of the Muckers: A Windy Con 36 Report-David Critchfield ``An Outline of Luthanian History by Archimedes Q.

18, 2008,-Bledig ``Thc Cry of the Red Hawk: Meeting Fredrik (Swedish fan and ERB-APA member Ekman)-Jim Hadac ``Jodades: Muckers `Crawl Through Evanston (bookstore visits); ``New St.

John art book adds color to collection;; The West Suburban Science Fiction Society proclamation (from 1977 requesting more recognition for ERB); ``Available for the First Time: Tarzan Original Novels Complete in Paperback (Captain Company ad for Ballantine books)-Ken Manson ERB-Inspired Calendars-Henry G.

Commentary from The Straight Dope-Jeff Long ``From the ERB Scrapbooks of Ray Le Beau: Letter (to Ray) from ERB Inc., Nov. A special double issue with the National Capital Panthans Front cover: Actress Caroline Munro, Dian the beautiful in ``At the Earths Core, holding a copy of The Mucker Magazine Issue No.

17, 1966; Letter (to Ray) from ERB Inc., April 30, 1971; Letter (to Ray) from ERB Inc., June 29, 1967; Announcement: Unpublished for 26 Years? 6 at Ray and Sharon Courts Hollywood Collectors Show in Chicago Back cover: None: front cover of Panthans Journal No.

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