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The controlled hush around Raya points to a paradox of internet culture: The more everyone strives for digital fame, the more those who achieve it search for ways to escape.

Minimal and slightly retro, Raya’s design insulates participants from the torrent of likes and shares that enabled their admission.

Donatella Versace, who is the artistic director of Versace, was honoured with the prestigious Fashion Icon Award, which celebrates the star's work with the fashion house set up by her late brother Gianni Versace in 1978.

Speaking at the star-studded event she said: "I am truly honoured to be collecting the Fashion Icon Award at The Fashion Awards 2017.

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There were plenty of non-famous people, too: artists, models, record-label employees, ad execs, photographers.

Most had Instagram follower counts starting in the low thousands, or else were young and very, applicants are evaluated by an algorithm, which considers “overall Instagram influence, who recommended the applicant, and how many active Raya members follow the applicant on Instagram,” as well as a committee’s vote.

, supposedly to help prominent members looking for dates distinguish themselves from fake accounts.

I pressed a play button and my i Phone filled with a Patrick montage set to music.

Watching the procession of photos felt intimate, like Face Timing a friend, but also creepy, like hacking into someone’s phone. Patrick has a last name even your grandmother who’s never used an app would recognize — his dad’s a movie star.

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