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She kicked him out, she said, because she’d been replaced by a machine.

“It got so that he was totally into computers,” Sherri Glass told the Baltimore Sun.

After five years of marriage, her Internet interests had grown darker.

She began offering her used panties for sale and became a regular visitor to newsgroups and sex chat rooms.

” She added, “I hope you all don’t think I'm strange or anything.” Some did, but at least one didn’t.

And the story of how they got together and what happened when they did set a very high standard for Internet interpersonal nuttiness.

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After finishing high school in 1979, she went through a series of jobs, including an 18-month stint as a clerk in an FBI fingerprint lab.“I never wanted to kill her, but she ended up dead.” After years of hemming and hawing by both sides, Glass pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 2000.He was sentenced to four years and five months for his role in Lopatka’s death and another 26 months in connection with sexual images of children found on his computer.It was so weird, in fact, that prosecutors were leery of taking the case before a jury, fearing an acquittal because the 12 might find it all inconceivable.In particular, prosecutors feared the testimony of a New Jersey man who backed out after agreeing to deadly sex with Lopatka weeks before she rendezvoused with Glass.

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