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The following 316 records, which are sorted in descending order of year, were added to the ASTIS database during the week of SISN 81605/81920. [Investigator] University of Alberta [Affiliation] (Yukon Scientists and Explorers Licence, no. Languages: English K, T, H Gastroenteritis; Health; Helicobacter pylori; Indians; Public opinion; Research project descriptions; Risk assessment; Yukon Scientists and Explorers Licences G0811 Yukon RESEARCH PROJECT Reproductive success and habitat use of Sharp-tailed Grouse (Tympanuchus phasianellus) at the northern edge of the species range, in a central Yukon development area / Poti, J. The ice model thicknesses inferred for these two regions represent, respectively, a ~30 percent decrease and an average ~20-25 percent increase to the load thickness relative to the ICE-5G reconstruction, which is generally consistent with other recent studies that have focussed on Laurentide Ice Sheet history. Gas and fluid venting is known to underlie part of sediment instability in the area, but recent mooring-based measurements also indicate that sediments near the shelf break are recurrently remobilized by strong subsurface currents. However, few studies of polar bears report on Hg in dependent young. The greatest nutrient and pharmaceutical concentrations were found upstream in sampling spots within or near the treatment lagoon. Samples were mainly taken from on board the CCGS Amundsen but also at Resolute Bay in the lower arctic and Alert in the high arctic. women of childbearing age) above governmental thresholds. Objectives: We aimed to determine the degree to which co-exposure to PCBs may account for the adverse effects of methylmercury and the degree to which co-exposure to docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) may obscure these effects in a sample of Inuit children in Arctic Qubec. Notably, the concentration of nutrients increased at the beginning of spring snowmelt, due to the mobilization of surficial organic materials by runoff, before decreasing as runoff to the lake became more diluted. These results demonstrate some key processes that influence the thermal regime of a High Arctic river and will contribute to a greater understanding of how surface, subsurface and other water exchanges influence stream hydrology, ecology and biogeochemistry. During the warmer part of the season, photosynthesis is the dominant component of NEE, and photosynthetically active radiation becomes the best predictor. Hafting adhesive residues were found on nine objects that relate to throwing-dart technology and on two objects related to bow-and-arrow technology. Dense shrub habitat was associated with higher GUDs, implying that foraging costs were higher in dense shrub than in less shrub-dominated habitats. This "idle time" spent in the community facilitated the development of local networks and friendships and played an important role in building the human and social capital of all stakeholders. Previous research has shown that p H is a good predictor of the structure of soil bacterial communities. (Au) I, K, T, R, N, F Animal diseases; Animal food; Biological sampling; Blood; Economic conditions; Food; Health; Inuit; Mammals; Marine mammals; Parasites; Risk assessment; Social surveys; Subsistence; Toxoplasma gondii; Trichinella; Water quality; Water treatment G0811, G0812, G0813, G0827 Inuvialuit Settlement Region, N. T./Yukon; Nunatsiavut; Nunavut A Return to Country Food : 3rd annual meeting and workshop, August 26-27, 2014, Jean Marie River, NT : final report / Lafontaine, C. Health Canada; Capacity building; Climate change; Communication; Dene Indians; Detection; Education; Effects monitoring; Environmental impacts; Environmental protection; Fishes; Fishing; Food; Food chain; Fresh-water ecology; Government regulations; Health; Lakes; Mercury; Metis; Mortality; Public education campaigns; Public participation; Research; Risk assessment; Rivers; Science; Scientists; Social surveys; Subsistence; Testing; Traditional knowledge; Water pollution; Water quality; Watershed management; Watersheds G0812 Deh Cho Region, N.

Migratory response of polar bears to sea ice loss : to swim or not to swim / Pilfold, N. 16-13) This research project description is based on information collected by the Yukon Heritage Resources Unit under the Yukon Scientists and Explorers Act. [Investigator] Mc Gill University [Affiliation] (Yukon Scientists and Explorers Licence, no. Languages: English I, J, H Animal reproduction; Endangered species; Grouse; Research project descriptions; Tundra ecology; Wildlife habitat; Yukon Scientists and Explorers Licences G0811 Yukon RESEARCH PROJECT Earth Scope Transportable Array (US array) - Yukon seismic monitoring sites / Busby, R. The final model also features peak ice thicknesses of 1.2-1.3 km in the Baffin Island region, a modest reduction relative to ICE-5G and unchanged thicknesses for a region in the central Canadian Arctic Archipelago west of Baffin Island. Here, we relate storms to the development of current surges that resulted in the abrupt resuspension of sediments at two locations along the shelf break. We examined hair total Hg (THg) concentrations in 24 polar bear family groups in western Hudson Bay: mother, cub-of-the-year (COY), yearling, and 2 year old. This was also the case for antibiotic resistance genes. OPs most frequently detected in the arctic were tri-phenyl phosphate (TPh P), tris(2-chloroethyl) phosphate (TCEP), tris(2-chloroisopropyl) phosphate (TCPP), tris(1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate (TDCPP) and ethylhexyl diphenyl phosphate (EHDPP). We sought to investigate whether substitution of more highly contaminated TFs, such as beluga, narwhal, or ringed seal blubber, with food items appreciably less contaminated with POPs, such as Arctic char, caribou, or Canada goose, could significantly reduce estimated POP exposure among Aboriginal women of childbearing age, while still maintaining adequate nutrient intake. Languages: French Web: Web: OONL Cette tude en didactique de la biologie au secondaire s'inscrit dans le domaine de l'pistmologie personnelle (Hofer et Pintrich, 1997; Royce, 1978) qui sous-tend que les apprenants puissent entretenir certaines croyances relatives au savoir, et de l'approche systmique (Ullmer, 1986). (Delta subsidence : an imminent threat to coastal populations. Methods: IQ was estimated in 282 school-age children from whom umbilical cord blood samples had been obtained and analyzed for mercury and other environmental exposures. Recent changes in key hydroclimatic factors have likely affected the hydrology and geochemistry of the study lakes. Thermal evidence for surface and subsurface water contributions to baseflow in a High Arctic river / Bolduc, C. (Au) F, E, C Active layer; Atmospheric temperature; Energy budgets; Flow; Groundwater; Heat transmission; Hydrology; Isotopes; Meteorology; Permafrost; Precipitation (Meteorology); Rain; River discharges; Runoff; Snow; Snowmelt; Temperature; Thawing; Thermal regimes; Theses G0813 Cape Bounty Arctic Watershed Observatory; West Lake, Nunavut Spatial and temporal patterns of net carbon exchange in the polar semi-desert vegetation type on Melville Island, Nunavut / Buckley, E. Results suggest that once a threshold temperature is reached photosynthesis will dominate NEE in polar semi-desert vegetation types. In all cases where adhesive was found, the projectiles included chipped stone components. Foraging strategies differed between habitats, with a negative relationship between visibility and GUD in high-visibility, open-tundra habitats and a positive relationship between visibility and GUD in low-visibility, shrub-dominated habitats, which may be indicative of alternative foraging strategies in different habitats. The outcomes of the partnership strategies used by those involved were numerous and went beyond the more tangible financial benefits, including outcomes such as legitimizing the knowledge systems of both parties and aiding in their integration and mutual understanding. Our results here suggest that p H could be a key factor driving phylogenetic diversity of not just overall bacterial communities but also of discrete functional guilds of bacteria in terrestrial ecosystems. Northern Contaminants Program (Canada) [Sponsor] Deh Cho First Nations [Sponsor] Yellowknife, N.

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This page will show you the detailed result of Matric (10th) class PSEB 2017 that will include – your details like your name, father’s name, mothers’ name, school name, gender, date of birth and registration number.

Die Sprecher-Stellvertreter-Positionen übernehmen nun DI Horst Ortmann (bit Gruppe) und Mag. Die Pb EB setzt sich für die Förderung des berufsbegleiteten, arbeitsnahen Lernens ein; sie organisiert regelmäßige Treffen mit nationalen und internationalen Expert Innen aus dem Weiterbildungsbereich und ist Organisatorin und Trägerin des Tages der Weiterbildung, der jährlich unter einem anderen Motto steht.

Click the button below:[button color=”orange” size=”medium” link=” icon=”” target=”true”]Click For PSEB Class 10 Result 2017[/button]We wish all students of Punjab Board who appeared for 10th Class exams are are about to check their result – all the very best.

The result for 10th class students who appeared for their board exams in March 2017 at any school that is under Punjab Board.

In order to check your result and not get lost anywhere else, here is a step by step procedure for students who wish to see their detailed 2017 result of Punjab Board 10th Class.

In the year 2015, PSEB Class 12th Board Exams commenced on March 1 and ended on April 5.

: Dieses Jahr wird der Tag der Weiterbildung am 12.

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