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Keep your eyes open and on me." The shock on her face was apparent. Her soft breasts turned red as I feasted on them, my hands exploring her belly. Eyes on her, I moved my hand lower, stopping just above her mound. We walked towards the lake, hands together, in silence. For the first time, I was able to let go, let go of everything," she said. I'm just thankful that it all turned out wonderfully well for us. "Walk with me Terry," she said, breaking the eerie silence. If this was going to work, I figured I had to be honest, about everything. The police who showed up, the funeral, me shifting here. I wanted to tell you this earlier, but when you gagged me the other day, it was the most intense feeling Terry, that is until today, when you tied my hands. "When I told you that I trusted you, I meant it Terry. I was ecstatic when you told me that I was a good girl. Today and tomorrow Terry, I don't want to make any choices. If she would accept that I would command her for the next two days. We moved to a place far away and got married a few years later. "When mum and dad passed away, Terry," she said after a few minutes, "There was just so much happening around me. " As crazy as that drove me, I wanted to know if she really knew what she was getting into. Second, remove that wet panty and give it to me." Her face went blank. Eventually my dad caught us one day and he banished us saying that we had 'offended' God with our activities. If she wanted this to end or if she had actually understood what I'd just said. A simple white cotton panty hugged her beautiful crotch. Running her hand along it, she asked "Do you like em Terry? Her hands trembled as she slowly removed her panty and gave it to me. I reached to her pussy and ran my hand along her opening. Decades later, I learnt that I was a dom and Sarah was a sub. I loved what we had together and cherish it to this day.

Accept that the only person who could give her what she wanted was me. I was slowly understanding my behavior and it scared me. We sat down near the lake, her snuggled against me and my hands wrapped around her as she rested her head on my chest. I lowered my head to her delicious breasts, suckling on her nipples. This sent me over the edge and I came within seconds, grunting loudly. She breathed sharply at the rude intrusion, but her legs opened wider, asking for more. I moved to her ear and growled, "Come for me, Sarah, now." She screamed as she came, flooding my cock with her juices.

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