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Site fails so many ways as men are not perfect and only human. Am totally sick of being ''liked'' by men who want easy coitus on the side. This is outrageous considering that we are a bi sexual couple with all the public scrutiny of gender discrimination. À la suite du départ de Madame Claudia Dubail, nous avons le plaisir de vous informer que Madame Henriette Schaffter Chappuis a été engagée dès janvier 2018 en qualité de secrétaire ajointe, aux côtés de Madame Natalia Da Campo.Après avoir grandi à Soulce, Henriette est partie faire ses études de géographie et journalisme à l'Université de Fribourg.Elle est mariée et maman de deux petites filles et habite à Delémont.Easy to use but too bad most of the guys on here are creepy mentally insane desperate creepy rude horrible kinky manipulative not a good experience on here.My question to who ever maybe reading this is (a) What do you have to offer a woman (b) What are you going to be happy with and (c) How much time have you spent on yourself being the person that a woman would want?Im nothing special in the way of looks but im no fugly either. I would say that it takes time, time where you spend on becoming a person a woman wants, time not getting angry with disappointment, and waiting for the right woman to come along. (b) Chat on the system, on the phone but never by email.

I have had quite a few of these and just feel sad that people feel that they have a right to be so horrible via a keyboard.

Always be in the mood for a smile, attention and care. Sex is easy but making love to the one who makes love back is the kind of thing that you remember forever.

(d) Dont go for too much make up or photos of overhead down the front of the dress. They dont want a new daddy they just want a fairy tale.

gets a lot of traffic most of which is bad I actually have met a couple of decent people on it and become friends nothing more we live in the same area so thats the commonality....

The rest...mainly scammers and frankly a time waste. Dont recommend this site at all Yes there are scammers if they ask you to chat by email than you no to be careful don't do that but what's hard is that I'm a male and searching for a nice woman but you start chatting and they think your a stalker whatever you say they then just delete you it's a battle between the sexes, I've come to the point were I just live alone now and have been most of my life it's the way of the future woman seem to have stop dating these days I just work come home work come home no point going out either as they just think you are harassing them the 90s were the best what's happen to the good old days people are really messed up.

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