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Baby you (가슴이 아파와 심장이 찢겨와) 난 변한 건 없어 Baby you (ga-seum-i a-pa-wa shim-jang-i jjit-gyeo-wa) nan byeon-han geon eobs-eo 시간이 흘러 모두 변해도 떠올라 난, 우리 추억만 Shi-gan-i heul-reo mo-du byeon-hae-do ddeo ol-ra nan, u-ri chu-eok-man Baby you (가슴이 아파와 심장이 찢겨와) 널 끊을 수 없어 Baby you (ga-seum-i a-pa-wa shim-jang-I ggit-gyeo-wa) neol ggeunh-eul su eobs-eo) 부숴지게 날 망가뜨려도 기억이 나, 너의 얼굴만 Bu-sweo-ji ge nal mang-ga ddeun-ryeo-do gi-eok-i na, neo-eui eol-gul-man Baby it’s you 우리 둘이 같이 즐겨 듣던 musician의 노래가 어느 숍에 울려 퍼지면 멍해지는 나를 볼 수 있어 U-ri dol-i gat-i jul-gyeo deud-deon musician eui no-rae-ga eo-neu syob-e ul-ryeo peo-ji-myeon meong-hae-ji-neun na-reul bol su i-sseo 자릴 서둘리 피해… (Eon-je-na neo-reul gi-da-ryeo) I thought you’d always be my boy!! I didn’t feel anything when I first met you by chance The common greeting such as ‘how are you’ was easy, but now it’s not Baby you (my heart hurts just like it’s being ripped apart) I’ve not changed at all No matter how much time passed, I’ll still remember our past Baby you (my heart hurts just like it’s being ripped apart) I can’t let you go No matter how you hurt me, I’ll still remember your face Baby.. Neon dirty hae neon dirty dirty hae Saram mam gajgu wae jangnaneul chineun dena Ijebuteo sanggwan an hallae Neo gateun geoneun ppeonhagiman hae Neon dirty dirty hae Neon dirty dirty hae Wae sunsuhaetdeon nae mame seukeu rachi Nae na ijebuteo singyeong an sseullae Neo gateun geoe naneun gwabunhae Neon dirty hae I thought it was real, But you’ve been so bad… Stop trying to kiss me – you were a mistake, got it? Just thinking about it makes me mad, the history of you and I If I think about it, all your actions were so dirty dirty Even if time goes back, chances are zero but I’m not sorry You’re dirty, you’re dirty, you’re dirty Just thinking about it makes me mad, the history of you and I If I think about it, all your actions were so dirty dirty I’m so sick of you! All day I stare at my phone and on days I forget it at home, As soon as I get back, the first thing I do is check but there isn’t a single text from you – why? ) I disregarded what people said because I thought they were jealous But that girl, that young girl, those pretty girls are all gathered around And I see your eyes wandering – be careful, you’ll get cross-eyed Half the world consists of guys (guys), but these days, there are more guys than girls If you keep acting like you’re all that, let’s see how long that lasts – am I right? ) Even if you beg me to forget, clinging onto my leg, you’re over You still got guts to see me?The special of this game is you can press the spacebar when you jumping, in this case, Mario can jump much higher, even reach the white cloud!En septembre dernier à Londres, nous avons eu l’immense plaisir de créer les coiffures des mannequins du défilé Printemps/Eté 2015 de la griffe Felder & Felder. Les jumelles Felder ont présenté des motifs aux couleurs vives associés à de sublimes accessoires et des coiffures années 60.

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Die von der DFG bereit gestellten Mittel dürfen nicht für die Freischaltung von Aufsätzen in prinzipiell subskriptionspflichtigen Zeitschriften (nach dem Modell "Open Choice" u.ä.) aufgewendet werden.Dabei gleichen der Einreichungs- sowie der Qualitätssicherungsprozess (Peer Review) dem des Publizierens in traditionellen Zeitschriften.Die Finanzierung der entstehenden Kosten erfolgt häufig über Autorengebühren oder Artikelbearbeitungsgebühren (article processing charges, author fees).In Open Access Zeitschriften sind Publikationen sofort mit ihrem Erscheinen frei zugänglich.Die elektronische Veröffentlichung ohne Zugangsbeschränkungen von Forschungsergebnissen macht wissenschaftliche Informationen besser sichtbar, mit der positiven Konsequenz, dass diese häufiger zitiert werden.

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