Great camping games for adults

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It’s a great community game that engages the whole circle.

It comes with 8 erasable sketch books, markers and cloths making this our only game on the list that weighs more than a pound.

While a deck of cards is a must for any camping box or backpacking trip, sometimes you want something just a little more exciting.

Drinks, food, and fun are always high on the list of things to do as we sit around the campfire.

Other than eating or drinking, try some of these fun game ideas below at your next campfire gathering!

Full instructions at Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These. The team that fills their bucket with water first, wins.

Instead of going around in a circle innocently tapping people on the head and saying "duck, duck, goose," you go around in a circle dribbling water on everyone's heads until you finally choose someone to "dunk" and completely dump the cup (or jug) of water on. Players have a balloon tied to each of their ankles and everyone runs around the yard trying to pop other player's balloons using their feet--whoever keeps their balloons intact the longest is the winner.

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