Fw updating

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I am very happy to have my phone back in one piece !I much prefer Heimdall over Odin, however I did have to do some research to find a decent Heimdall tutorial.The Intellijel Firmware Updater software allows you to upgrade select Intellijel modules from a computer running Mac OS X 10.8 (Mavericks) or later, or from a Windows PC running Windows 7 or later.The modules currently supported by the Firmware Updater are: For AVR MCU-based products the Firmware Updater software requires the Intellijel USB ISP. The firmware updater includes a copy of avrdude (GPLv2), libusb and libftdi (LGPL). The Windows version of the Firmware Updater requires drivers to be installed.By commenting, you are accepting the DISQUS terms of service.

Updating firmware is a different procedure for all Ultimaker machines. The Ultimaker 3 has a built-in firmware update available in the menus.

You can download the latest version of the Firmware Updater for your OS by clicking one of the buttons below: Download for OSXDownload for Windows Advanced users with their own ISP can download the firmware hex files. There is a separate driver required for AVR-based and ARM-based products.

Install one or both of the drivers depending on which product(s) you will be updating.

For successful SIM key propagation from primary to secondary in a high availability (HA) pair, the Cavium firmware version on each appliance should be identical.

Perform the firmware update on the secondary appliance first.

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