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And does sex with robots create issues around consent?

How would we ensure people were making clear distinctions between their dynamics with sex robots and regular people? There are also ethical issues with the kinds of robots we’re actually designing.

Now entering its fourth year, Free Range Art roams again this week in Texas, and in addition to gallery works, multi-disciplinary performances, and concerts, Fusebox continues its tradition of tapping a dizzying array of digital, interactive, virtual reality, immersive, and play-based artists from Austin and around the world. “Trigger Warnings and Various Attempts” is a 20-hour gallery installation in which Moletress performs inside an amateur sex cam chat room, Cam4, which allows users from around the world to interact with Moletress in real time.

John Moletress isn’t a sex worker, but they play one on T. A live audience watches the performance, while also viewing a big screen monitor of the webcam performance.

This is Moletress’ first foray into online cam performance.

They spent many hours as a voyeur on Cam4 and observed how people interacted with performers and playing into the idea of productivity.

The gallery audience can login to Cam4 and participate in the live chat with other viewers from around the world.

If all this wasn’t enough, Moletress will also simulcast the performance to the gallery at Chisenhale Dance Space in London, where they are a member artist.

In 2014, the well-established, Austin-based contemporary arts festival Fusebox conducted an experiment.

van Wynsberghe is an assistant professor of ethics and technology in the Netherlands, and the co-founder and president of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics.

Suggestions that this could be a compliment to someone’s healing therapy if they’ve experienced a sexual trauma, and can’t have sex with another human…

Maybe it isn’t happening quite yet, or on the scale of smartphones, but as the technology becomes more advanced, more realistic, and more widespread, it will definitely raise questions about how humans engage with it.

For example, will sex with robots mess up our experiences or expectations of actual sex, or of actual women? Kathleen Richardson, has concerns about how female sex robots will impact the way we engage with real women.

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