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In case of disagreement between the vendor and the customer, the guiding principles are the ones of the vendor’s home base country.All programs, written and photo material and information displayed here are under copyright laws.This information is also posted on the product’s page, just as it is stated on the bill attached to the package.In case of erroneous fulfillment of an order, the vendor grants replacement for the product.Customers also have the right to cancel a purchase within 8 banking days after the product was received.In such case, the vendor reimburses the customer’s payment within 30 days after the package is returned.Payments are processed via an independent system by Hungary’s biggest bank, OTP Bank PLC.

Address: Hungary, 1223 Budapest 22nd district (Southern Buda) corner of Balatoni ut and Szabadkai utca more »» Public transport to Memento Park bus stop from "Kelenfold vasutallomas" - Metro No.4 with bus No.101 and 150 to "Budateteny vasutallomas" (Campona) more »» Travelling with number 150 bus to the Memento Park 15 minutes?

Might be worried that this sounds too long and too boring? Unique stops throughout the journey and places where tourists never go.

more »» Fast, easy, comfortable travel to Memento Park with our direct bus from downtown Budapest, from Deak Square (Metro N°1,2,3), every day at 11am.

The prices of products and services can be paid by credit/debit bankcards.

Transfers of Europay system (Eurocard/Mastercard, Cirrus/Maestro), American Express, OTP Cards and VISA card transfers can be processed.

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