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Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, Hallmark, Pillsbury, Life Savers, Ralston Purina, Mc Donald’s, Harley-Davidson and Campbell’s Soup are just a few of the corporations that have signed agreements to tie their brands to collectible dolls, plates, sculptures and Christmas ornaments (Loro 1995).These mass-merchandising efforts have extended the individual brands by making them collectible.This is not how marketers and researchers have traditionally perceived brands.Therefore, it becomes necessary to distinguish collecting from other related consumption processes. 67) has defined collecting as the process of actively, selectively and passionately acquiring and possessing things removed from ordinary use and perceived as part of a set of non-identical objects or experiences." This definition is consistent with others (Alsop 1982; Muensterberger 1994) and helps distinguish collecting behavior from other consumption activities and patterns.A completely different look from the last one I posted.I love changing completely my style, especially on the blog.

But recently, brands such as Planter’s Peanuts, Mc Donald’s, Hershey, Oreo, and Coca-Cola have been acquired for collection rather than consumption.

ABSTRACT - Brand loyalty is a central construct to marketing.

Keeping the consumer satisfied, and loyal enough to frequently purchase just one brand, is more difficult in today’s marketplace than ever before.

Today, this collecting activity has been prepackaged with manufacturing, marketing and distribution controlled by some of the most prominent Fortune 500 companies, as well as some of the most recognizable brands in the U. This study will explore two of the most prominent brands to move into the collectible category - Coca-Cola and Hallmark.

The focus of the paper is how the collecting behavior has enhanced brand loyalty among collectors. The first will explore what makes a brand collectible and how collectible brands differ from consumable brands.

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