Cat car moving sedating

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I just knew something was not right and I wasn’t going to have a minute’s peace until I found out for sure.

I mean really, us humans will manage to because our dogs cannot tell us something hurts.

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They walk through grass, snow, mud, sand — whatever — and this all rubs on the injured nail area, I can only imagine how much this hurts. Most dogs will find a way to get that annoying gauze wrap off their foot and then they lick and chew on the affected area.

We thought the middle nails were just loose and taking their own sweet time to actually fall off and that they looked really long because they were loose and not seated where they are supposed to be. When I Googled for things like “dogs breaking toenails” what came up was a real mind blower.

I found article after article after article on a disease called Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy also known as SLO which is an auto-immune condition whereby the immune system attacks the affected dog’s nails and — it’s incurable.

Scared me good until I found the source of the blood, he’d broken another nail.

I just followed the instructions I’d previously gotten from the vet and we contributed the break to him having mis-stepped and caught his foot on the wire crate.

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