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This was despite the Reddit user acting within a few minutes of receiving a SNES Classic Mini pre-order stock alert.

However, they added: “My case is being investigated, but [the Best Buy rep] said something interesting.

Fans have been left hoping that retailers will be receiving more pre-order stock ahead of the release date in just a few weeks time.

And they could get another chance to pre-order the SNES Classic Mini soon at Best Buy, according to a posting on the mini SNES subreddit.

(Of course, we reserve the right to update our post if Apple does actually deviate from its recent history and thinks different this Black Friday.) Instead, you have to rely on a handful of stores if you're looking for a sale on an i Pad or a Mac Book or an i Mac.

Some of them are known to most consumers -- Best Buy, Target, Walmart -- while others are more niche retailers that are known to fewer purchasers -- B&H Photo, Fry's, Mac Mall.

Instead, it's providing store gift cards with the purchase of many items at the regular price -- and on Friday only.And I quote him on that 13 days thing.“So take this restock with that usual grain of salt.But my cancellation is, unfortunately, real.”While fans will be hoping Best Buy do get a SNES Classic Mini restock, there is one retailer who have confirmed they WON’T get a pre-order restock before release date.We'll have more available on launch day, in store, for walk-ins.”But the news left fans fearing that come launch day, there would be huge queues outside Game Stop stores and a mad rush to buy the SNES Classic Mini.Responding to the Game Stop Twitter post, one fan tweeted: “For the people that can afford to line up 5 hours before the store opens and only the first 5 people will get one”. If there isn’t one available at am without preorder I'll be upset”. I'd love to wait in a line all night with 150 other people to fight over the whole lot of 20 units each store gets.” Gamers in the US have had to wait almost two months to be able to pre-order the SNES Classic Mini.

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